• Barefoot to Goa

Barefoot to Goa (2015)

Adventure, Drama, Family

2015 Year 80 Mins 7.8 Imdb

Sonu Chourasia, Ajay Chourey, Farrukh Jaffar

A parable on the moribund human bonds in a fast-paced world, which is a warning that poignantly highlights the futility of life and death.

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Barefoot to Goa Movie Information

  • Production Co: Barefoot Pictures
  • Released: 10 April 2015
  • Imdb Rating: 7.8
  • Runtime: 80 Mins.
  • Writer: Praveen Morchhale, Chetan Itape
  • Director: Praveen Morchhale
  • Cast: Sonu Chourasia, Ajay Chourey, Farrukh Jaffar