• Bustin' Loose

Bustin' Loose (1981)

Comedy, Drama

1981 Year 94 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Richard Pryor, Cicely Tyson, Angel Ramirez Jr.

Joe Braxton is an ex-con who has been given a second chance to freedom after violating his probation. He has been hired by a school teacher named Vivian Perry to repair and drive an old ... 

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Bustin' Loose Movie Information

  • Production Co: Richard Pryor Productions
  • Released: 22 May 1981
  • Imdb Rating: 6.1
  • Runtime: 94 Mins.
  • Writer: Lonne Elder III, Richard Pryor
  • Director: Oz Scott
  • Cast: Richard Pryor, Cicely Tyson, Angel Ramirez Jr.

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