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Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm (2011)

Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm Subtitles

Action, Crime, Mystery

2011 Year 110 Mins 7.7 Imdb

Erdal Besikçioglu, Tardu Flordun, Cansu Dere, Canan Erguder

An agressive police officer tries to solve the mystery behind consecutive murders. While doing so, he must fight against his inner demons.

Iguana (1988)

Iguana Subtitles

Adventure, Crime, Drama

1988 Year 88 Mins 6.2 Imdb

Everett McGill, Michael Bradford, Roger Kendall, Robert Case

Iguana is a movie starring Everett McGill, Michael Bradford, and Roger Kendall. In 19th century, a bullied, disfigured man dubbed Iguana flees from abusive locals, finds his own island and declares himself tyrant of his new domain....

Die Marquise von Sade (1970)

Die Marquise von Sade Subtitles

Adult, Crime, Drama, Horror

1970 Year 79 Mins 5.0 Imdb

Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, Raymond Hardy, Peggy Markoff

Die Marquise von Sade is a movie starring Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, and Raymond Hardy. A lonely aristocrat Miss Gray has a twin sister who's in an asylum. They share a strange bond. Miss Gray is rational but frigid while her sister...

Raw (2017)

Raw Subtitles

Crime, Drama

2017 Year 90 Mins 7.0 Imdb

Jessie Platt, Julian Paul, Katie Hayashida, Moishe Teichman

Jakob Levin, a delinquent on a downward spiral, is sentenced by the courts to serve time on his uncle's organic farm. Put to work with a bunch of misfit interns, Jakob soon discovers that not everything is as idyllic as it first...

Deadly Vows (2017)

Deadly Vows Subtitles

Crime, Drama

2017 Year 84 Mins 5.6 Imdb

Brittany Underwood, Charlene Amoia, Cameron Jebo, Kathryn Leigh Scott

Deadly Vows is a TV movie starring Brittany Underwood, Charlene Amoia, and Cameron Jebo. Pastry chef Helena poisons men who don't meet her high standards. Her fiancé Charlie has nothing to worry about, at least until his sister...

Moonrise (1948)

Moonrise Subtitles

Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller

1948 Year 90 Mins 7.2 Imdb

Dane Clark, Gail Russell, Ethel Barrymore, Allyn Joslyn

Danny is being despised by his schoolmates because his father was accused to have killed another man and is condemned to the death penalty.

Furthest Witness (1970)

Furthest Witness Subtitles

Crime, Drama, Thriller

1970 Year 87 Mins 5.4 Imdb

Sean Patrick Flanery, Aaron Stanford, Teri Reeves, Steven Michael Quezada

Furthest Witness is a movie starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Aaron Stanford, and Teri Reeves. Kyle Braddock has spent the last decade moving witnesses over the border to Mexico and has always avoided confrontation or suspicion until...

Delinquent (2018)

Delinquent Subtitles


2018 Year 97 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Jessie Platt, Julian Paul, Katie Hayashida, Moishe Teichman

Delinquent is a movie starring Jessie Platt, Julian Paul, and Katie Hayashida. A rebellious teen is sentenced to serve time on his uncle's organic farm, only to learn that there's much more to the farm than meets the eye.

Love and Bullets (1979)

Love and Bullets Subtitles

Action, Crime, Drama

1979 Year 103 Mins 5.9 Imdb

Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Rod Steiger, Henry Silva

Love and Bullets is a movie starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, and Rod Steiger. Arizona cop is sent to Switzerland to bring in the girlfriend of a dangerous mobster so she can testify against him. The mobster sends someone too...

Girl in the Box (2016)

Girl in the Box Subtitles

Crime, Drama

2016 Year 87 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Zane Holtz, Zelda Williams, Brittany Allen, Matt Cooke

Girl in the Box is a movie starring Zane Holtz, Zelda Williams, and Brittany Allen. In 1977, a girl is kidnapped and kept in a coffin-sized box. When her captors let her out, it's only to abuse her horribly. Will she ever escape?