Maggie Black (2018)

Maggie Black Subtitles


2018 Year 84 Mins 4.9 Imdb

Jessalyn Maguire, Chris Beetem, John Fugelsang, Carolyn McCormick

Maggie Black is a movie starring Jessalyn Maguire, Chris Beetem, and John Fugelsang. A successful, young writer's first pregnancy is overshadowed by her complicated relationship with reality.

La dictadura perfecta (2014)

La dictadura perfecta Subtitles

Comedy, Drama

2014 Year 143 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Damián Alcázar, Alfonso Herrera, Joaquín Cosio, Osvaldo Benavides

La dictadura perfecta is a movie starring Damián Alcázar, Alfonso Herrera, and Joaquín Cosio. TV MX, the most powerful Mexican Television Corporation, discloses a scandalous story involving Governor Carmelo Vargas in serious crimes...

Broken Contract (2018)

Broken Contract Subtitles

Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

2018 Year 95 Mins 4.8 Imdb

Mona Afshar, Esther Anderson, Kelsie Anderson, Adrian Archer

Broken Contract is a movie starring Mona Afshar, Esther Anderson, and Kelsie Anderson. When Max, a down on his luck strip club owner, has his life and livelihood threatened by local gangsters, he turns to his wife's connections for...

Last Call at Murray's (2016)

Last Call at Murray's Subtitles

Comedy, Drama, Romance

2016 Year 105 Mins 5.5 Imdb

John Savage, Michael Gross, Paula Jai Parker, Eileen Grubba

Last Call at Murray's is a movie starring John Savage, Michael Gross, and Paula Jai Parker. Dwindling clientele and new smoking ordinances have forced veteran bar-owner Murray to make a tough decision: it's time to close the bar....

Smart People (2008)

Smart People Subtitles

Comedy, Drama, Romance

2008 Year 95 Mins 6.2 Imdb

Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page

Smart People is a movie starring Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Into the life of a widowed professor comes a new love and an unexpected visit from his adopted brother.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)

The Muppets Take Manhattan Subtitles

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance

1984 Year 94 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire

The Muppets Take Manhattan is a movie starring Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Dave Goelz. Kermit and his friends go to New York City to get their musical on Broadway only to find it's a more difficult task than they anticipated.

Drachenmädchen (2013)

Drachenmädchen Subtitles

Documentary, Action, Biography, Drama, Sport

2013 Year 90 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Xin Chenxi, Chen Xi, Huang Luolan, Yang Ziyu

Drachenmädchen is a movie starring Xin Chenxi, Chen Xi, and Huang Luolan. The documentary "Drachenmädchen" (Dragon Girls) tells the story of three Chinese girls, training to become Kung Fu fighters, far away from their families at...

Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

Magical Christmas Ornaments Subtitles

Drama, Romance

2017 Year N/A Mins 6.4 Imdb

Jessica Lowndes, Brendan Penny, Farah Merani, Stephen Huszar

Magical Christmas Ornaments is a TV movie starring Jessica Lowndes, Brendan Penny, and Farah Merani. "After a bad breakup, former Christmas lover Marie (Lowndes) loses her Christmas spirit. Trying to restore it, her mother sends...

The Christmas Cure (2017)

The Christmas Cure Subtitles

Drama, Romance

2017 Year 120 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers, Patrick Duffy, Kathleen Laskey

The Christmas Cure is a TV movie starring Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers, and Patrick Duffy. A doctor returns home for Christmas to find that her father has decided to retire from his own practice. After reuniting with her high school...

The Ice Harvest (2005)

The Ice Harvest Subtitles

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

2005 Year 92 Mins 6.3 Imdb

John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Connie Nielsen, Lara Phillips

The Ice Harvest is a movie starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Connie Nielsen. A shady lawyer attempts a Christmas Eve crime, hoping to swindle the local mob out of some money. But his partner, a strip club owner, might...