Another Soul (2018)

Another Soul Subtitles

Horror, Thriller

2018 Year 78 Mins 2.9 Imdb

Anthony Misiano, Tia Link, Rebecca Lovett

A couple on the run battle to save their daughter from possession by a demon.

Messenger of Wrath (2017)

Messenger of Wrath Subtitles

Horror, Thriller

2017 Year 125 Mins 5.2 Imdb

Melissa Malone, Madeline Lupi, Carmine Giordano

An independent 12 year old girl named Three is home alone late one night when her house is invaded by several masked intruders. While trying to escape from them she learns of a far more dangerous threat waiting outside.

Lyco (2018)

Lyco Subtitles

Action, Horror, Thriller

2018 Year 83 Mins N/A Imdb

Lester Greene, Sandra Fernandez, Samantha Rivers Cole

Lyco is a action horror film about a voodoo priest named Lyco Fontaine (Macquell James) who is in search for an ancient Relic that has been around for centuries called the Port of Spain ... 

Anne (2018)

Anne Subtitles


2018 Year 80 Mins 2.7 Imdb

Melissa Daddio, Michael Kenneth Fahr, John Kyle

A mentally ill woman with a severe personalty disorder develops a strange relationship with her dolls. She becomes victim to insomnia and even self-mutilation leaving her son to unfold the strange truth about Anne's illness.

Delirium (2018)

Delirium Subtitles

Horror, Thriller

2018 Year N/A Mins 5.6 Imdb

Topher Grace, Genesis Rodriguez, Patricia Clarkson

A man recently released from a mental institute inherits a mansion after his parents die. After a series of disturbing events, he comes to believe it is haunted.

Full Moon High (1981)

Full Moon High Subtitles

Comedy, Horror, Fantasy

1981 Year 93 Mins 4.7 Imdb

Adam Arkin, Roz Kelly, Ed McMahon

A teenager (Adam Arkin) becomes a werewolf after a family vacation in Transylvania.

Superbeast (1974)

Superbeast Subtitles

Horror, Sci-Fi

1974 Year 93 Mins 2.9 Imdb

Antoinette Bower, Craig Littler, Harry Lauter

A doctor finds a jungle laboratory, complete with mad scientist and genetic engineering experiments.

The Omnipotence of Dreams (1970)

The Omnipotence of Dreams Subtitles

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

1970 Year 73 Mins 2.0 Imdb

William Bloomfield, Jack Tracksler, Mick Hoegen

"It is dark and stormy night. Two strangers walk into a bar." Unfortunately these two strangers walked into the wrong bar. This is a place where they will meet a crusty old-timer with a ... 

Feral (2018)

Feral Subtitles

Action, Drama, Horror

2018 Year 90 Mins 4.2 Imdb

Scout Taylor-Compton, Olivia Luccardi, Lew Temple

Students fight to survive a weekend in the woods.

The Sitter (2017)

The Sitter Subtitles


2017 Year 97 Mins 4.9 Imdb

Aisling Knight, Richard Kilgour, Nick Bridge-Butler