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Autumn Stables (2018)

Autumn Stables Subtitles

Drama, Romance

2018 Year 90 Mins 4.1 Imdb

Cindy Busby, Kevin McGarry, Emily Dickinson, Gage Graham-Arbuthnot

Autumn Stables is a TV movie starring Cindy Busby, Kevin McGarry, and Emily Dickinson. After the death of her husband, Autumn Carlisle sells her ranch to handsome carpenter Jake Stevens, who promises to leave it untouched except for...

I Do, I Do, I Do (2015)

I Do, I Do, I Do Subtitles

Comedy, Family, Romance

2015 Year 84 Mins 6.2 Imdb

Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, Shawn Roberts, Ali Liebert

I Do, I Do, I Do is a TV movie starring Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, and Shawn Roberts. An architect relives her disastrous wedding day over and over until she discovers what she really wants in life.

Cabin Boy (1994)

Cabin Boy Subtitles

Adventure, Comedy, Romance

1994 Year 80 Mins 5.2 Imdb

Chris Elliott, Ritch Brinkley, James Gammon, Brian Doyle-Murray

Cabin Boy is a movie starring Chris Elliott, Ritch Brinkley, and James Gammon. A foul-mouthed finishing school graduate mistakenly winds up on an ill-fated fishing boat and faces the wrath of a crew that considers him bad luck.

Cougar Hunting (2011)

Cougar Hunting Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

2011 Year 102 Mins 3.7 Imdb

Matt Prokop, Randy Wayne, Jareb Dauplaise, Jillian Murray

Cougar Hunting is a movie starring Matt Prokop, Randy Wayne, and Jareb Dauplaise. Tells the tale of three buddies in their 20's whose love-lives are in shambles. They go to Aspen to pursue the booming trend of dating cougars: hot...

Flesh and Bone (1993)

Flesh and Bone Subtitles

Drama, Mystery, Romance

1993 Year 126 Mins 6.3 Imdb

Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, James Caan, Julia McNeal

Flesh and Bone is a movie starring Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, and James Caan. Around thirty years after Arlis witnessed his father murdering a family, he runs into Kay, who happens to be the family's baby, who was spared. Kay and Arlis...

My Christmas Love (2016)

My Christmas Love Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

2016 Year 120 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo, Megan Park, Aaron O'Connell

My Christmas Love is a TV movie starring Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo, and Megan Park. A woman receives presents from an anonymous suitor who's inspired by the "12 Days of Christmas".

Arthur 2: On the Rocks (1988)

Arthur 2: On the Rocks Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

1988 Year 113 Mins 4.4 Imdb

Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud, Geraldine Fitzgerald

Arthur 2: On the Rocks is a movie starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, and John Gielgud. Arthur loses all of his money, and his wife wants a baby.

Today We Live (1933)

Today We Live Subtitles

Drama, Romance, War

1933 Year 113 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Franchot Tone

Today We Live is a movie starring Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, and Robert Young. During WWI, two officers, one a pilot and the other in the navy, compete for the same beautiful young woman.

Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

Honey I Blew Up the Kid Subtitles

Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance, Sci-Fi

1992 Year 89 Mins 4.8 Imdb

Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman, Robert Oliveri, Daniel Shalikar

Honey I Blew Up the Kid is a movie starring Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman, and Robert Oliveri. The Szalinski family is back, this time hilarious disaster strikes when an experiment causes their new toddler son to grow many stories...

The Malibu Bikini Shop (1986)

The Malibu Bikini Shop Subtitles

Comedy, Romance

1986 Year 99 Mins 4.7 Imdb

Michael David Wright, Bruce Greenwood, Amanda Horan Kennedy, Debra Blee

The Malibu Bikini Shop is a movie starring Michael David Wright, Bruce Greenwood, and Amanda Horan Kennedy. Two brothers who have just graduated from college inherit a bikini store from their aunt.