• Hunting the Phantom

Hunting the Phantom (2018)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

2018 Year 120 Mins 3.3 Imdb

Kristanna Loken, Armand Assante, Sanjar Madi

Timur, a policeman whose career is on the rise, is forced to break the law in order to save his fiancée, Keira. In so doing, he also uncovers the conspiracy of a global corporation trying ... 

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Hunting the Phantom Movie Information

  • Production Co: MG Production
  • Released: 24 June 2018
  • Imdb Rating: 3.3
  • Runtime: 120 Mins.
  • Writer: Marina Kunarova
  • Director: Marina Kunarova
  • Cast: Kristanna Loken, Armand Assante, Sanjar Madi

Movie Trailer for Hunting the Phantom