Kodachrome (2018)

Kodachrome Subtitles


2018 Year 100 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis, Bruce Greenwood

Set during the final days of the admired photo development system known as Kodachrome, a father and son hit the road in order to reach the Kansas photo lab before it closes its doors for good.

The White King (2017)

The White King Subtitles

Drama, Sci-Fi

2017 Year 89 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Agyness Deyn, Olivia Williams, Greta Scacchi

Djata is a care-free 12-year-old growing up in a brutal dictatorship shut off from the outside world. When the government imprisons his father, Peter, and Djata and his mother Hannah are ... 

Patton Oswalt: Annihilation (2017)

Patton Oswalt: Annihilation Subtitles

Documentary, Comedy

2017 Year 66 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswald, despite a personal tragedy, produces his best standup yet. Focusing on the tribulations of the Trump era and life after the loss of a loved one, Patton Oswald continues his journey to contribute joy to the world.

Wildling (2018)

Wildling Subtitles

Fantasy, Horror

2018 Year 92 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif, Bel Powley

A blossoming teenager uncovers the dark secret behind her traumatic childhood.

Submergence (2018)

Submergence Subtitles

Drama, Romance, Thriller

2018 Year 112 Mins 5.5 Imdb

Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy, Alexander Siddig

In a room with no windows on the eastern coast of Africa, a Scotsman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters. Thousands of miles away in the Greenland Sea, Danielle Flinders ... 

Hostiles (2018)

Hostiles Subtitles

Adventure, Drama, Western

2018 Year 134 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Christian Bale, Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike

In 1892, a legendary Army captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

Negadon: The Monster from Mars (2006)

Negadon: The Monster from Mars Subtitles

Animation, Short, Sci-Fi

2006 Year 21 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Kether Donohue, Dan Green, Masafumi Kishi

When a cargo-spaceship crash-lands on the streets of Tokyo, it unleashes a giant monster from Mars. It is up to Dr. Narasaki and his mecha robot Miroku to save the Earth.

Birdland (2018)

Birdland Subtitles

Crime, Mystery

2018 Year 89 Mins 4.1 Imdb

Kathleen Munroe, David Alpay, Benjamin Ayres

An ex-cop whose marriage is on the rocks hides surveillance cameras in her home and watches her husbands transgressions, becoming a voyeur of her own life.

Cheese in the Trap (2018)

Cheese in the Trap Subtitles


2018 Year 116 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Jong-Hyuk Oh, Yeon-Seo Oh, Gi-woong Park

Hong Seol is an ordinary university student. She is busy working part-time jobs to pay for her tuition fee and living expenses. Yoo Jung is her senior at the same university. He seems ... 

The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium (2017)

The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium Subtitles

Documentary, Comedy

2017 Year 67 Mins 8.0 Imdb

Dave Chappelle, Morgan Freeman

Dave Chappelle gives his usual skewed insight into the topics of race, technology, OJ Simpson, and more in a stand up special filmed in Hollywood.