Lesson Faust (1995)

Animation, Comedy, Drama

1995 Year 97 Mins 7.5 Imdb

Petr Cepek, Jan Kraus, Vladimír Kudla

A very free adaptation of Marlowe's 'Doctor Faustus', Goethe's 'Faust' and various other treatments of the old legend of the man who sold his soul to the devil. Svankmajer's Faust is a ... 

Movie Information

  • Production Co: Athanor
  • Released: 7 April 1995
  • Imdb Rating: 7.5
  • Runtime: 97 Mins.
  • Writer: Christian Dietrich Grabbe, Christopher Marlowe
  • Director: Jan Svankmajer
  • Cast: Petr Cepek, Jan Kraus, Vladimír Kudla

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