• Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses (2014)


2014 Year 102 Mins 5.4 Imdb

Amira Akili, Sébastien Hirel, Mélodie Richard

A girl is approached by a strange boy outside her high school. He asks her to follow him to hear stories where gods fall in love with human beings.

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Metamorphoses Movie Information

  • Production Co: Les Films Pelléas
  • Released: 3 September 2014
  • Imdb Rating: 5.4
  • Runtime: 102 Mins.
  • Writer: Christophe Honoré, Ovid
  • Director: Christophe Honoré
  • Cast: Amira Akili, Sébastien Hirel, Mélodie Richard

Movie Trailer for Metamorphoses