• Muqaddar Ka Faisla

Muqaddar Ka Faisla (1987)

Drama, Family

1987 Year 171 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Raaj Kumar, Rakhee Gulzar, Raj Babbar

An honest Hindu pandit (priest) is framed for embezzlement and rape, and not only dismissed from employment, but also arrested and imprisoned, leaving behind his family in destitution. On ... 

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Muqaddar Ka Faisla Movie Information

  • Production Co: Dharma Productions
  • Released: 26 June 1987
  • Imdb Rating: 6.4
  • Runtime: 171 Mins.
  • Writer: Laxmikant Sharma, Prakash Mehra
  • Director: Prakash Mehra
  • Cast: Raaj Kumar, Rakhee Gulzar, Raj Babbar

Muqaddar Ka Faisla Subtitles (1 subtitles)