Run (1970)

Action, Drama, Romance

1970 Year 180 Mins 7.1 Imdb

Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Atul Kulkarni

Siva (Madhavan) comes to Madras from a small Tamil Nadu town to study. He instantly falls in love with elusive stranger Priya (Meera Jasmine) who resists his charms quite persistently. ... 

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Run Movie Information

  • Production Co:
  • Released: 1 January 1970
  • Imdb Rating: 7.1
  • Runtime: 180 Mins.
  • Writer: N. Linguswamy
  • Director: N. Linguswamy
  • Cast: Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Atul Kulkarni

Run Subtitles (1 subtitles)