Swordsman II (1992)

Action, Fantasy

1992 Year 112 Mins 7.3 Imdb

Jet Li, Brigitte Lin, Michelle Reis

With an entirely new set of actors, this movie continues the story from Swordsman (1990). Blademaster and his martial arts school decide to retire to a distant mountain. Before leaving, he ... 

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Swordsman II Movie Information

  • Production Co: Film Workshop
  • Released: 26 June 1992
  • Imdb Rating: 7.3
  • Runtime: 112 Mins.
  • Writer: Louis Cha, Tin-suen Chan
  • Director: Siu-Tung Ching
  • Cast: Jet Li, Brigitte Lin, Michelle Reis

Movie Trailer for Swordsman II