• We Are Brothers

We Are Brothers (2014)

Comedy, Drama

2014 Year 102 Mins 6.6 Imdb

Seon-Mook Cho, Yoon Jin-i, Jin-woong Jo

Two brothers were separated at an orphanage. Years later, the brothers meet again and they try to find their mother. But, what really bother themselves is one is a buddhist's shaman and the other one is a christian's pastor.

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We Are Brothers Movie Information

  • Production Co: Film It Suda
  • Released: 23 October 2014
  • Imdb Rating: 6.6
  • Runtime: 102 Mins.
  • Writer: Se-Young Bae
  • Director: Jin Jang
  • Cast: Seon-Mook Cho, Yoon Jin-i, Jin-woong Jo